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My Week In Photos

Today i went swimming when i woke up. I didn't take pictures of that. After swimming i took a shower and then took the T into Boston for an appointment.

Here i am reading the Metro on the Red Line

Here are a couple of pictures i took on the T/at the station

more pictures under the cut


I took a walk in the Boston Common

Then i went to my psychiatrist who i like a lot.

Then i had lunch. A fajita wrap. Mexican food is my favorite.

I took a few more pictures near the Park St. T stop.

I saw a Street Preacher who made me think of this classic song, Mr Wendell, by Arrested Development

I got back on the T

took this from the T window. i think i've taken this picture before....

Also, this week i bought 3 new shirts. One is the one i wore to Boston. Here is me showing off one of the others...

The other shirt has not been worn yet. The last 2 pictures are representing the 2 visits 2 the medical doctor this week. The first is of my T shot and the last is of my ear, which i couldn't hear out of until i went to the doctor and got it fixed.

T Shot


Tags: boston, hip hop, mental health, photography, self portraits, spring, testosterone
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