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Songs About Pills (in general)

Gray Kid parody of Sexyback- Paxilback (video)

Lil Wayne- Pill Poppin Animal (video)

Dandy Warhols- Horse Pills (video)

more under cut

Ray Stevens- Jeremiah Peabody's poly unsaturated quick dissolving faxt acting pleasant tasting green & purple pills (video)

Nirvana- Lithium (live)

The Rolling Stones- Mother's Little Helper

Placebo- Special K (live)

The Fall- Mr Pharmacist (video)

Pink- Just Like a Pill (live)

D12- Purple Pills (live)

Jonathan Coulton- I Feel Fantastic (video)

Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit (video)

Pantara- Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills (amusing fan video)

Lil Wyte- Oxycotton (fan video)

Placebo- Meds mix (fan video)

Dashboard Confessional- This Bitter Pill (fan video)

Candlebox- Happy Pills (live concert footage)

20/20 - Yellow Pills (fan video)

Suede- Sleeping Pills (live)

Annie Lennox- Bitter Pill (fan video)

Reckless Kelly- Wiggles and Ritalin (live)

New York Dolls- Pills (live concert footage)

The Strokes- Soma (fan video)

Gary Jules- Pills

Motley Crue- Bitter Pill

Rosemarie Lynch covering Loretta Lynn- The Pill (fan video)

Swingin Utters- Pills and Smoke

A Perfect Circle- The Nurse Who Loved Me (fan video)

Tags: alternative, classic rock, comedy, country, drug songs, drugs, grunge, hip hop, metal, playlist, pop culture, punk, rap, rock, youtube

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