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The Gender Identity Fairy Tale of Priness River and the Prince of Trees

Far away in a secret land where many people were made in God's image, there lived Princess River and the Prince of Trees.
It was the will of the land that the two were destined for eachother. The problem for most people was either that their families were enemies, or that they did not have the same color skin. But Princess River and the Prince of Trees were not concerned with those things. They had something else to worry about. They both felt they did not truly belong in this world.
As a child, Princess River trained to be a beautiful, proper young lady, while the Prince of Trees trained to be a soldier and a hero. But in their spare time the princess liked to run in the woods, fight, ride her dirtbike, and climb trees. Deep down, she knew she was meant to be a soldier and a hero, and she hated the fake role she had to play.
The Prince of Trees was different too. He was a beautiful person, inside and out and people deeply loved him, but he never felt right working as a soldier. He was a hero though, especially to the women in his life. Some of them were very angry that he was destined to be with Princess River who they hated because of the role she played, never understanding that she never wanted any part in it, never understanding that despite their family's feud, Princess River loved the Tree family and saw them all as beautiful, strong people.
The Prince and Princess spent many years hating themselves for not being what they were told they were supposed to be. Due to this problem, they were unable to be effective in their lives as human beings.
When the Prince and Princess got older, they were visited by a secret messenger who informed them that they were both born with both male and female genitalia, and that their families both made a deal with the devil to have one of the sexes removed from the body. The secret messenger explained to them that the devil's deal was that both the Prince and Princess would always feel like there was something missing, that they were different and that they did not belong.
The Prince and Princess tried to thank the messenger, but he disappeared before their eyes. They looked at eachother with a sort of understanding, and began to process what they now knew.

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