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Songs About Nicotine

Warning: Friends who recently quit smoking may want to avoid this playlist altogether

Jeremy Fisher- Cigarette (video)

Rufas Wainwright- Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (live)

more under cut


Tex Williams- Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette (video)

Ben Lee- Cigarettes Will Kill You (video)

King's X- Cigarettes (live)

Beck- Nicotine and Gravy (live)

Patsy Cline- 3 Cigarettes in an Ash Tray (video)

Brownsville Station- Smokin in the Boy's Room (live)

Tori Amos - Spark (live)

Pink Floyd- Have A Cigar (quality fan video)also... not really a song about nicotine, but more the symbolism of the cigar

Vemosbabe's great cover of Ani Difranco- Nicotine (video)

Joan Osborne - Crazy Baby

kd lang- Down to My Last Cigarette (live)

Princess Superstar- Quitting Smoking Song

K's Choice- I Smoke A Lot (cowboy bebop fan video)

Fort Minor- Cigarette

Oasis- Cigarettes and Alcohol (live)

Hefner- The Hymn for Cigarettes

Arctic Monkeys- Cigarette Smoke

Rilo Kiley- Smoke Detector (live concert footage)

Smithereens- Cigarette (live concert footage)

Nick Drake cover- Smoking Too Long

Noel Gallagher of Oasis- As Long As They've Got Cigarettes In Hell

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