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Songs About Sizzurp

the interesting thing about Sizzurp/Purple Drank/DXM/Caugh Syrup and Codine, is that it has had a huge influence on rap, especially southern rap, but it really hasn't been a big part of music other than that.
screw rap, chopped and screwed style, was invented by the late dj screw who made all of his music under the influence of sizzurp, and died a few years ago from his abuse of the drug.

dj screw and big moe- codine fiend freestyle

ugk- purple drank (video)

camden- ima sip drank (video)


big moe- purple stuff (video)

?- sippin lean (video)

lil wayne- me and my drank

kanye west and cam'ron - sizzurp (promo video)

lil wayne ft short dwag- me and my drank

men of honor- sippin that sizzurp (video)

frayser boy and paul wall- i got the drank

three 6 mafia- sippin on syrup

big willie- sip it up (video)

three 6 mafia- rainbow colors

rick ross- hustlin (chopped and screwed by dj sizzurp)

big moe ft project pat- purple stuff (chopped and screwed)

chamillionaire- turn it up, shine on (video)

papoose- talkin sizzurp

scram jones ft NORE, jim jones, nature and carden- glass of sizzurp

8ball- purple stuff

indo g- purple drank

jip- drank in ya system

Tags: chopped and screwed, drug songs, drugs, dxm, hip hop, rap, sizzurp, southern rap

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