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Songs About Hallucinogens

Beatles- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (video)


Eminem- My Fault

Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced? (fan video)

Count Five- Psychotic Reaction (video)

Amboy Dukes- The Journey to the Center of My Mind (video)

Xzibit- Shrooms

Black Sabbath- The Wizard

Lil Wyte- I'm on Acid (fan video)

Electric Prunes- Too Much to Dream Last Night

Byrds- Eight Miles High (live)

Lords of Acid- I Sit on Acid (fan video)

System of a Down- Mushroom Cult

Esham- Acid

Tags: acid, classic rock, drug songs, drugs, hip hop, psychadelics, rap, rock, shrooms, techno

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