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Songs About Ecstasy

They say this song isn't about E, but their name is XTC and this song sounds a lot like a description of E
XTC- Senses Working Overtime (video)

Bone Thugs n Harmony- Ecstasy (video)

The Streets- Weak Become Heroes (video)

there are a few good songs on this list, but for the most part i do not like these songs nearly as much as the weed, coke and heroin songs. i know there are a million techno songs about e that are not on the list. i have a few, but i am very selective about my techno. i don't like very much of it. and i prefer down tempo stuff.

more under cut

D12- Purple Pills (live)

Jackie Chain ft Jhi Ali- Rollin (video)

Mobbstarr/Dice/k9- Eargasmic

B.G.- Hennessy and XTC

Lil T- Pop Thizz (video)

Lil Wayne and Rick Ross- Pill Poppin Animal

Tech N9ne- T9X

Eminem- Drug Ballad

TV Rock- Flaunt It

ATB- Ecstasy

The Shamen- Ebeneezer Goode (video)

Mac Dre - Thizzle Dance (video)

Lil Jon- Da Blow (this is about many drugs, but was recommended as an e song)

Soulwax- E Talking

Groove Armada- Groove Is On

DJ Zany- Sky High (fan video)

Green Velvet- La La Land (video)

Tags: drug songs, drugs, ecstasy, hip hop, pop culture, rap, rock, techno

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