February 8th, 2011

gun aliens

where things get interesting again

i just saw something on the news that a kid who robbed me a few years ago was arrested for armed robbery. i don't know if this will have an effect on my mental health or not, but it might. a lot of the traumatic stuff i've been involved in in recent years has tied together in a lot of ways, and this is related to some of that. it's kind of an overwhelming feeling to see someone in the news arrested for something similar to what they have done to you, only to know they did it to you and countless others before finally getting caught. something similar happened many years ago when a man who did some stuff to me when i was 12 was arrested for doing the same thing to another kid and they said he had been accused almost 30 times but never arrested for it. i didn't report the guy when i was 12 because i didn't exactly say no and i didn't report the kid who robbed me either cuz i was so embarrassed about having been so naive. i told a therapist in a hospital about it when it happened, or shortly thereafter and maybe a few other people, but they said or suggested i was imagining it, because it was the son of someone who was convicted of another well known crime years ago and they said that i was probably just imagining it was him because of the crime his dad had done... so in a way, it is good to see that i wasn't imagining it, but it's just another piece of frustration that people always say these things are in my head before even considering that it might be real. like on 9/11/2001 i had therapy that morning and i was the first to tell my therapist what had happened in new york and she was convinced that i stopped taking my meds and was having a grandiose delusion cuz it was also my birthday... but as we all know, 9/11 was not in my head and it had nothing to do with whether i was taking meds or not
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30 day photo challenge

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh

it cracks me up cuz it's so cheesy and so wrong, but i'm pretty sure my uncle had one of these as a kid that we used to play with at my grandparent's house, but most of the picture on the gun was scratched off cuz my uncle probably got it in the 50's and we grew up playing with it in the 80's. it's very "italian mafia" though, isn't it?