February 1st, 2011

redblue blunt

30 day photo challenge

i'm trying a photo challenge thing i saw someone doing. hope you enjoy it. peace

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

1. i love riding waves in the ocean, and swimming in general

2. i love all kinds of music, but my 2 favorite genre's are folk and hip hop, and i see a lot of common themes in both

3. i have been on testosterone for about 5 years, and had a double mastectomy right before i started T as part of my journey of transitioning from living as female to male

4. right before i started my transition, i learned i had been born intersex (both sexes) and my journey from FTM has taught me that i don't necessarily feel like i am a man, but rather both, neither, and all 3, as i put it. i like male pronouns and looking male, but i feel i am somewhere in the middle. in other words, that i was born right, being intersex. i just happen to live in a world that doesn't really accept "neither, both and all 3" when asking if you are male or female

5. i am an artist. i write, paint, draw, do spoken word, take photos, sculpt, decoupage, dabble in hip hop, etc. i love art and i love being an artist.

6. i used to make zines and am thinking of getting back into it

7. i make a great mix tape, although i mostly make mix cd's now, and those are good too, but it doesn't have quite the same feel as a mix tape. those were special.

8. i have complex traumatic stress disorder, which is similar to PTSD, but more "complex". it's not in the current DSM, but will be in the next one. basically, i have been through a lot of trauma, and survived it, but it's effected me deeply.

9. i consider myself a soldier, albeit a peaceful one

10. i am a sucker for conspiracy theories. i think i have a lot of evidence to a big one, but it's caused me some problems in my life with added trauma and some other issues. a lot of people think it's all in my head anyway, but i've gotten enough feedback saying otherwise that i have been clinging to my theory, even if it never gets proven, which it may or may not, i hope it does. i think i'd be relieved.

here are the instructions (list of challenges) for the 30 days if you wanna try it yourself

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