May 17th, 2010

me with graffiti

spy pond art

these are from a couple weeks ago (approximately)... the day i swam out to the island on spy pond. i went to the park to do some painting. that was what my gut told me to do that day. it also told me not to go home, so i waited but i had to pee wicked bad and was either gonna have to go home or jump in the water, and at the last second i realized i didn't even have time to go home even if i wanted to, so i jumped in the water and peed around sunset. lol. then i swam to the island where i spent the whole night protecting a mother goose from a raccoon or something and then i was very tired, but as the sun came up, 3 ambulances came down the roads from different angles. they thought i had drowned, but i didn't. a boat came to rescue me and some of the rescuers were really really happy that i wasn't dead and some of them were really really pissed off that i wasn't dead. i did have slight hypothermia but i got that fixed up and am doing really well. i wasn't trying to die, i was trying to live. like, you know how sometimes you just NEED god to put a mountain in front of you to climb to prove that you CAN? it was kind of one of those moments...

so here are some pictures from that day. i had left my camera and backpack and shoes and keys at the park, cuz i wasn't originally planning to swim to the island. i just decided in the moment to do it cuz it felt right. i got back all my stuff EXCEPT my art which is currently MIA, but i had taken photos of it first and i got the camera back, so enjoy...

peace (:


this was a few days BEFORE my swim i think... the day i found my soldier hat which had gone missing for a few months, back in november i think... i came home to find the hat on top of my desk. (;

then i did these 2 drawings while hanging out with some new friends who i just met but feel like i've known forever. they were both done while the show "breaking bad" was on, so both done in 1 hour.


map of boston...

i hope you all are well. peace and love to you all - jymi cliche'