February 7th, 2010

me with graffiti

the chaos of making a star

when i was only a needle,
you picked me out of the haystack
without hesitation.
you took me home with you.
i gave you hepatitis
and gangrene
but you wouldn't let me go
until you died
with me wedged between your toe.

when i was your drug
i replaced your hugs
and filled your insides with numbness.
you were no longer whole.
you were two separate lies
and the truth
was buried far below.

you wore your heart
on your sleeve
and you always believed,
but i drowned inside you.

always spinning
back and forth
a war within yourself
within myself
between good and evil
god and the devil
and neither side is allowed to win
so we begin
we begin
we begin

we are always starting over
even if
we never ended,
creating alternate realities...
be a pal to me
and make your reality
part of mine.
if we are truly meant to be
our realities will join as one
and together we will shine.

and so they did.
we did.
all the souls of the world
who were once at war
with themselves
and with eachother
melted together like magic
and there was unity
and peace for all.