September 16th, 2009

kanye bear

kanye west

i wrote this yesterday on my facebook

i feel kinda bad that everyone is hating on kanye so much. it's true what he did was stupid and arrogant, but every genius has an equally stupid side. kanye's is that he doesn't think before he acts on his emotions. i just can't jump on the hate wagon to judge a person who's music has moved me and helped me through so many rough times. i know he's not perfect, but who is? he still kicks ass in my book.

some people commented to say they never liked kanye as a person or his music, some said they don't even know any kanye songs, but they think he is an asshole... a couple people agreed with me. but most people just restated that he was an asshole for what he did.

i agree that he was an asshole for what he did. he seriously overreacted this time. some people hated him when he went onstage after hurricane katrina and said that george bush didn't care about black people. personally, i enjoyed that crazy outburst of his. because he was right. of course, bush doesn't care about most people, but black people and other minorities, not just racial ones, for sure were considered easy for him to ignore. kanye may have acted kind of crazy, but he made a good point.

this recent outburst of kanye's was not one i felt was worth his risking his career over. even if beyonce deserved the award, going onstage and stealing the microphone from a 17 year old girl who was winning her 1st award ever was definitely a dick move.

but i just want it said right now, that i still think kanye is brilliant. and when he dies someday, people are gonna go crazy everywhere, calling him one of the best rappers who ever lived. people will go out and buy his cd's, even many many people who say he is an asshole or his music sucks. look what happened with michael jackson. people hated on him for 15 years, and when he died, everyone decided they maybe shouldn't have judged him so much and realized that his music will live forever, but we are all partly responsible for the misery that he felt for the last 15 years of his life. same deal goes with kurt cobain. not long at all after nirvana went mainstream, the whole world turned on kurt and talked shit about him non stop for weeks or months. kurt's suicide could very well have had a lot to do with his feeling so hated by the whole world. and the day he died, everyone who talked shit about him acted like he was the center of their world.

so, i'm saying people have a right to think that kanye acted like a douche, because he did act like a douche, but everybody does stupid shit and you just can't hold a brilliant star to the same expectations as most people. their world is not like ours, and when you consider what a lot of stars do, what kanye did is not that big of a fucking deal, you know? i mean, everyone cheered for TI 2 seconds after they booed for kanye on the VMA's and TI is in jail for possession of machine guns and shit. other musicians and rock stars we love cheat on their spouses, are deadbeat dads, even rapists and murders... so when i see everybody trying to tear down this brilliant man who acted stupid, i just feel a bit frustrated with it. i feel like the world is enjoying ganging up on this guy who made a stupid mistake that isn't even that big of a deal, all things considered, and i am writing this on my livejournal because i want a record of having said this when kanye does die someday and the whole world acts like they are and always have been his biggest fan.