August 11th, 2009

me with graffiti

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something i wrote on facebook and wanted to share here

sometimes you have to hear things you don't want to hear, see things you don't want to see and feel things you don't want to feel in order to grow and heal.

peace everyone.
my wall


i feel alone and afraid
more than ever
or just all at once.
inside this warrior
is a destroyed child
just a shadow
of a man
because the man was lost.
i'm empty
i'm confused
i'm completely still
while the movement
of those around me
haunts me
and irritates me
and i want to scream
slow down!
wait for me!
but no one waits
no one waits for anything
we keep going
but i stopped going
and i don't know
if i will ever be able to catch up.
i want to
i want to go further
than anyone has ever gone.
yet here i sit
alone and afraid
tracing my shadows
with a pen.