July 31st, 2009

movie rebel


i just watched the movie Mask (not to be confused with THE Mask, which i hated) I have not seen Mask since i was a kid. i thought it was interesting, because usually when i see regular movies that i have not seen since childhood in my adulthood, i realize that most of it completely went over my head as a kid, and i see the movie in a whole new way, having years of experience and wisdom i did not have as a child... but even as a child, i completely understood Mask. there were some details i forgot, but as a kid i understood the challenges of every character in the movie.

i'm sometimes unforgiving of mistakes i made as a child, because i feel like i should have known what i was getting myself into. but it is clearer to me now that there are some complicated things i understand, that the average person can't even understand has any depth. but the things that most people find simple or obvious, are my biggest challenges.

anyway. peace
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