July 29th, 2009

hip hop mary

idea suggestions

i have an idea for a mash up video. i am wondering if anyone can suggest a rap/hip hop song that is full on gangsta. the most bad ass gangsta song you can think of.
the idea of the mash up is that it will go with a song that i have in mind, which is not a rap song and about emotions
my wall

Day Glow

we hold up regression
and you steal a confession
a lesson is learned
in which you earned
and for whom the bell tolls
i race the horny toads
to the end of the roads
we wander in vain
and in the rain
we are washed free
the truth of who we will be
is me times three
and life is everlasting
if you complete the fasting
and serve your people
you need not bow to the steeple
because we can repossess
what was left of the rest
and rest in peace
because a yeast infection
can be cured by cranberry juice
and you let loose the plans
you can see where you stand
you see that the future is real
and they are here to steal your last meal
until you repeal and try again
just remember when
you sat in the pen
and what you said
or what you failed to say
either way, the day is today
and it is grey
because nothing is black or white
and we still fight
for what we think is right,
but never do we really know.
the world has turned a day glow.
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