July 14th, 2009

me with graffiti

Writer's Block: Mentor Me

Have you ever had a mentor or other influential person in your life who helped you along a certain path in school, work, or life in general?

yes. i've had many. the 2 that helped me the most were teachers i had in school. one in middle school who i talked to after school almost every day for 3 years. i'm not sure i could have survived it without her. and i visited her for many years after, but i have not seen her in years. i do think about her often. i'm just not sure at this point in my life, i should visit her again. but i'll always be grateful for her and have her in my heart. she really went out of her way for me.

the other one was another teacher who i stayed friends with after graduating. she also went out of her way for me. i still talk to her every so often. we keep in touch. but the last time i saw her, i randomly showed up at her house during a nervous breakdown, and i definitely stepped over some boundaries with that, so i am giving it some space right now. but i hope that she will always be part of my life. she is an amazing mentor and i thank her for my life as well. it is not an easy task to be the mentor of a chronically suicidal teenager/young adult. i can only imagine the stress i caused, but i also know they were happy to be able to help.

but now i am trying to turn my life around. i am no longer suicidal and i want to be my own mentor. i want to be able to rely on myself. i still welcome the love of friends and family, but i need to be able to feel love from within... and i am getting there.
go sox self

Pictures From Maine Vacation Part 1

i went to Maine for a few days. i came back to check on the cat. i will be going back and forth until the end of next week. here are some photos from the first part of my trip.


lovable stop sign graffiti near the cottage we stay at

a muscle. i don't eat these. they look yucky.

and yikes. i was gonna put more under the cut but i am suddenly filled with exhaustion, and can't do it right now. so for now, here are 3 pictures