July 8th, 2009

grouch in trashcan

Me and Moo

here's me kissing moo on the head

here is what i look like without showering for a day or too. kind of like a serial killer and i suppose the orange shirt doesn't help

decided to take a shower and clean myself up

a few more pics of me and moo under the cut. don't worry, there are no more shower pictures. that's about as nude as i get in a public journal entry (:

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my wall

Can't See Past It

my heart just aches sometimes,
you know?
it's a lonely road
and we're all just a toad
to explode
by a troubled child
microwave style.
you never know what life has in store
in a world controlled
by the whore and the war.
it's insanity
disguised as vanity
and we're all falling apart
it's just evolution
and after it ends it will start
what we feel in our hearts is real
yet means something different once we all get to repeal
one by one we dive into sin
time after time
we spend another dime
but you can't buy freedom
or can you?
what you can't buy
is what you already knew
and what you will learn.
you die when it's your turn
and you live inside
the imagination of a satellite station
orbiting home.
you cry and you try to lie
but you know when you fry
it's too late to say goodbye.
nothing is certain
and for that i am sure.
even the prophet
can't see past the blur.