July 2nd, 2009

cray pas

anxiety and it's effect on sleep

last night i had the worst anxiety attack i've had in about exactly a year and i am putting off going to bed because of it, but moo wants to go to bed, so i am going to try. also, it was very hot last night which caused me to have trouble breathing which triggered the attack (that and the cartoons that were playing in the room.) but tonight it is cool and i will be listening to dj shadow... and i am home, not an hour away like last night and i have moo to comfort me
my wall

Mi Casa Is Here

ave maria
mi casa is here
i see my angel
i see my death
i see the truth
in my last breath
ave maria
mi casa is here
i cried my tears
i faced my fears
i see the truth
and no one cares
ave maria
mi casa is here
you hear my calls
through wired walls
my sanity wears thin.
the tears make it hard to grin.
but i sing in sin to free my soul
from the toxins you put in.
ave maria
mi casa is here
i see my shadow
and a boy in a dress
i see the truth
and i want to confess
but there is no more ave maria
mi casa is here
i am silent in fear
but i write my rhymes
like i was dared...
always prepared
ave maria.

Yes We Can

it's cold here in the city
the streets are seldom pretty
void of color
void of life
stuck through the heart
with a butcher knife
we watch them bleed
we see them fall
we wait for them to bow at curtain call
evil rules our streets
while we tweet our tweets
we trust their lies
to avoid each other's cries
we hide inside
until our insides are dry
and our souls have died
but we continue to fight
all through the night
and in the morning we start all over
carrying it all on our shoulders
until we need percocet to numb the pain
we live in vain
and it's all part of the master plan
keep on moving and yes you can