July 1st, 2009

movie rebel

Writer's Block: Busting Blocks

It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

i want to say the last movie i saw in the theatre was The Dark Knight. which was pretty much exactly a year ago. i'm not sure i've been to the movies since then. i forget.

the last bunch of movies i have watched at home that were new to me were Man On Fire, Conspiracy Theory, Taken, Gran Torino, Doubt, Hotel Rowanda, The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, Pineapple Express, Notorious, W, Religilous and Gang Related. I would say i enjoyed them all.

i borrowed Kill Bill 1&2 from my friends today and will watch them later tonight. i have seen them before, but only once.
j's krew

Friends and Family

i have this friend. we will call them K. i met K several years ago at a mental health related thing. K grew up in the same town as me, but is several years younger, so i never knew them in school. when i met K, we talked about how hard it was, growing up as a queer kid with mental illness in the town we grew up in. We both have PTSD. K told me that the main cause of their trauma, was that they were bullied and tortured on a daily basis by 2 of their peers. I forget if i asked K their names or if they just told me, but i was not expecting to even know who these kids were. Let's call them C and M. C and M tortured my friend K on a daily basis. i admitted that i knew both C and M, but did not explain to K that C and M were like a sister and brother to me. C and M are not blood related to me, but they are children of some of my parent's closest friends, and we grew up together. i wasn't too surprised to hear about C, as i know when she was in high school, she was part of pretty much like a girl gang that actually targeted my little sister for awhile, until C found out and put a stop to it. And it was that simple... the girls never fucked with my sister again because C and my sister are family of sorts... like C and i... and the same goes for M, because he is family to me too. But my family tortured my friend... my friend who is in many ways, a lot like me. a lot more like me than any of my family is like me.
i love C and M although i have not actually seen either in years, but i feel confused about why they did that to K and if it had something to do with me and if they had never known me or had known me in some other way, if K might not have suffered.

ps, i just dropped a plate on my toe! owwwwwww