June 29th, 2009


Lil Wayne

I asked this on facebook too, and although i've gotten 2 replies, neither is an answer to my question. I have Lil Wayne Tha Carter III. Which Lil Wayne album should i buy next?

i was thinking today about how my neighbors reacted when i was hanging around a lot of black people. i had 2 neighbors call my friends the N word (to me of course not to their face), and 1 neighbor say he wasn't prejudice, but told me he didn't like it that i was inviting black people into our apartment building. i said that sounds pretty prejudice, and he replied "well, yeah, i mean, everyone is a little prejudice, you have to be"
and i was told by one of my black friends that while he was waiting for his sister to pick him up outside my apartment, there were people staring out the window at him and then the police stopped their car right next to him and asked him what he was doing there...

i don't really like that i live in a building and area with so many fucked up people. most of my neighbors think i am a freak and a fuck up, but i think they are assholes too. there are a few good people in my building, but most of them are fucked up.

More On Lil Wayne and 3 Part Personality Artists

i just recently got into Lil Wayne in the past couple months. I'm not really into a lot of current rappers in the genre of Lil Wayne... but the more i listen to him, he is a genius... and he has sort of a 3 part personality like Eminem and Tupac and Biggy and some rock artists i like, like Roger Waters from Pink Floyd.
for example, Eminem has Eminem, Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady, Tupac is Tupac Shakur, 2pac and Makaveli
and Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne, Weezy and Tha Carter. I know i have at least 3 parts to my personality. I kind of want to name them and work them into my art somehow.
I'm not sure if i want Keri to be one of my 3 names, although it does play a part in my life as 1/2 the time i still am either called that or need to use it for medical reasons, picking up meds, going to the bank, etc. But i am not comfortable with the name. It doesn't feel like me.

I guess i sort of do have 3 part names if you consider Jymi Cliche, Wicked Cliche and DJ Cliche. But i'm not sure those all represent separate sides of me. To be realistic, i suppose even though the name Keri makes me feel uncomfortable and shameful, shame and uneasiness plays a big role in who i am and how i feel about myself. Is it a full 3rd of who i am though? I kind of hope not!

Also, it might be fun to do a project of some sort, breaking down who i am into the 3 Cliche names. i might actually give that a try this week. See what i come up with.

Now for your input... who are some other artists, whether they be musicians, visual artists, actors, writers or whatever who have 3 part personalities? And please give examples.

Here is a song i love by Lil Wayne called 3-Peat which he touches on the subject of the 3 part personality (at least i think so)


this is a link to the song Playing With Fire by Lil Wayne which is a great song, but the sound quality is a lil off. he talks about the 3 part thing a lil in this too i think