June 18th, 2009

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New Stress

i'm so stressed.
i got a call from the new owners of my building, that they did not receive my full rent payment. however, i paid my full portion... the thing is, my section 8 did not pay. why didn't they pay? they said they never got the rent agreement from the last owner who is on vacation right now. the new owners want the money NOW, and both they and i have called section 8 who says they don't have the papers. i THINK my old owner was supposed to send me 2 copies of something, 1 of which i would sign and give back and one i sign and give to section 8. They do it every year i guess, when the amount i pay goes up. Last year i had some problems with it as well. Last year i received the papers, but threw them away during my nervous breakdown because i was going to run away and never come back.... however, this year, i did not throw away any paperwork. i did not receive any either. i am afraid that next week when the old owner gets back, he will say he sent it out already, which could be a lie or could be true, as my most important mail has in the past year a couple times never been delivered. this has caused me problems and made me look irresponsible, but even though i do not check my mailbox every day, when i do get my mail, i go through it all and did not receive these papers.
i am very angry about this and frustrated. the new owners are yelling at me and telling me i need to pay them $900 which i do not have. they said i should have taken care of all of this yesterday. i made all the calls i could make yesterday. today i find out that nobody has papers apparently except the old owner who is on vacation.
then my landlord came to my door and left a note. i got to the door while he was still there. he said the new owners called him and want my rent. i told him that the old owner has the paperwork. he said the old owner has nothing to do with it. i said, yes, apparently he does. i've been on the phone with people all day trying to sort this out.
i am afraid i am going to get calls and landlords at the door every day until the situation is fixed, and the guy is on vacation till next week. i do not want to be kicked out. i do not want to have to ask my parents for $900. even if i could get a job tomorrow, which i can't, i would not see $900 for awhile.
and i know i am being blamed because of my past fuck ups with paperwork, but this is not my fault.
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