April 26th, 2009

art is dead

Some Old Drawings and Cartoons

i am going to have 2 paintings in an art show at the end of next month. my work will be shown along with other artists with mental illness.

friday morning i received a copy of a bi-lingual zine from western mass that published one of my paintings and one of my poems. it was nice to see my art and writing in print. thanks nik.

i am working on something to submit to the sent a mental project, for glbt people who have attempted suicide or had friends who attempted or died of suicide.
here is a link to the site
click on the link to the youtube video if you check it out. it's pretty powerful.

most of these drawings were done while i was in the hospital.



more under cut

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i love swimming

My Weekend

Friday i had my program, and i had a really good day there. When i got home, my friend stopped by. We hung out for awhile and later i took a walk to spy pond to take pictures. I bought a 6 pack of Heiniken, but only drank 2.
Saturday i slept most of the day, but went out for Chinese food. Then a friend came over for a bit and i uploaded some Biggy, Roger Waters, Lou Reed, The Streets, MIA and Run DMC to my computer.
Today i woke up and walked to the pond to go swimming. April is pretty early to be swimming in Massachusetts but it was 84 degrees F today. Very nice. I did not bring my camera, cuz i went alone and didn't want my camera stolen while i was in the water, but this is the pond i swam in...

after swimming, i took a drive to Acton, to my favorite Bagel place. i think it is called Bagel Plus. I love the cream cheese there. It has fresh veggis in it and is delish. I bought 4 bagels and a tub of veggi cream cheese to bring home with me. i'm gonna have another one now.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend. Peace.