April 25th, 2009


Chinese Food

One thing i noticed when i travel to other parts of the country is that when you go out for Asian food, the people in the restaurants tend to be multi-cultural. Here in Massachusetts, if you go out for Chinese food, everyone who works there is Chinese. Same with Japanese, Korean and Thai food. Meaning that they are Japanese, Korean or Thai.
What is your experience with this?

Anyway, i went to the Far East Cafe in Woburn tonight and got the buffet. It was good and i don't think i'll eat again until next week. It is $15 for all you can eat.

oooh baby

Story of a Lost Prince

Fallen empire
Flooded with fear
Did you ever think
something severe
might be going on here?
You failed me
and left me rabid
You tried to suffocate the life
out of me.
A secret hero
pulled the knife out of me.
You almost took my soul,
so much so
that it's not close to being whole.
i'm still on hold
paying for a suicide attempt 3 fold
and i'm mold
on a fancy cigar
but you won't get far
without seeing my scars.
I'm the true root of three
i can set you free
but you have temporarily
imprisoned me.
I sing and i dance
and pray for another chance
while you prance
in your fancy pants.
You tried to take my life from me
because of all the things i see
a gift from god
Rest In Peace to my old friend Rod...
Gadi, Lisa and Max too
suicide took you
Unrecognized Genius,
but it's hard to be us.
It's easy to be you
when you run the zoo,
but people don't come
cuz you've got the gun,
they come to see something true.
If it weren't for the blues
most music would be like watching the news.
Pain is real.
Vain is to steal
and i kneel every night
just to heal.

-Jymi Cliche