April 8th, 2009

gun aliens


yesterday when i took my nap, i had the scariest dream i've had in years. considering the fact that i dream about Armageddon practically every night, you can see that it must have been an extremely scary dream.
my Armageddon dreams are scary, yet amazing. it is the end of days. the world is crumbling as i run from it disappearing underneath me. there are fires and bombs and i am dodging bullets as i run. sometimes i am shot or fall through the earth and i wake up. i am alone and fighting something that will ultimately win.
the dream i had yesterday was more disturbing. and too complicated to explain.
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me with graffiti


this was really the answer i got. its not fixed

You Are Graffiti

You are a very expressive person. You couldn't keep your opinions to yourself, even if you tried.

You have a unique take on life. You question authority figures and the status quo.

You believe that art should be everywhere and that everyone is an artist.

The best art is the stuff you run across in everyday life... not in a museum.