December 16th, 2008

me with graffiti

motivational anger

i went to my program today. the second group was "motivational anger". It was very stressful. There was lots of yelling and persaonal insults and door slamming and accusations and people walking out... but i stayed for the whole group and took it all in. I was stressed and angered, but the only comment i made was a compliment and i felt like i acte appropriately and calmly (no one said i didn't) but it was hard to sit through. I was relieved when it was over.
I went out to lunch with a girl from the program. She's very pretty, but we are just friends. i'm not looking to date anyone from the program, but there are a lot of attractive women there, which is nice in one sense, but hard cuz i get all nervous around them. i'm like a 12 year old like that... and when i sing, cuz my voice i going through a change due to testosterone and i squeek when i sing. Puberty sucked the first time around, but getting a second swing at it is rather interesting and luckily i'm a stronger person than i was then.

Anyway, life is happening and i'm taking it day to day.
peace to you all-
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