November 23rd, 2008

me with graffiti

freestyle poetry

The cool kids are going down.
That's the word around town.
The bitchy witch
will stitch the vine.
Inside my mind
we intertwine.
Our lives
our loves
our stars above.
The sky we see
for you and me.
Over the rainbow
and through the woods
we see ourselves
and think our shoulds.
Our shouldn'ts and can'ts
sit in our underpants
cuz we're super heroes,
recovering zeros,
and when you see us shine
we'll drink your wine
and dine with the best of them...
we're hidden gems
and our stem cells will produce wells
of knowledge
so don't be afraid
to aknowledge me.
i know that freedom's not free,
but it's mine
and every time
i smoke a dime
i think about these rhymes.
And i smile
cuz i know i'm elete
and life almost made me admit defeat,
but i got beat and i won
no need for a gun
and it wasn't fun
and i'm still a bit spun...
but i came back
from being undone.
So, deep in my heart
i know i've won.
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