October 5th, 2008

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Writer's Block: United Nations World Teachers Day

In recognition of United Nations World Teachers Day, let us reflect on the subjects we hated most in school but must now grudgingly admit were useful. What subject will today’s students find most useful when they’re older?

i hated history in school, but history is really important. i think that teachers could have made it more interesting, although, even at my alternative high school where teachers made learning more fun, i found history pretty boring. i think some aspects of history still bore me, but i definately have a greater appriciation for it than i used to.

a couple people who helped make history more interesting to me are comedian eddie izzard and folk singer utah phillips. i learned a lot about history through both of them.

here is an eddie izzard video. thoughts on World War 2.

utah phillips under the cut.

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gun aliens

Call to Arms

call to arms
our arms
our visions
far fetched
our minds
need rest.
California advertising
too perfect
it seems
to disrespect
the truth
the youth
the mother goose
stories in the morning
we hear the warning
and cry
the chickens die
and lie in chinatown
we have your wedding gown
they say
to hit the hay
to rest
the best
a life worth less
obsess and wonder
lightning- thunder
the weather's a number
the gunned her down
all over town
to live a noun
on the rebound
i found myself
searching for life.