August 15th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Independence Days

While India's Independence Day is often celebrated with kites, the US celebrated with fireworks. How does each methods reflect its culture?

i don't know how kite's reflect India's culture. I don't know enough about India. It seems like a neat place though.
Fireworks are cool too, but i often think it is a weird way to celebrate our veterans with PTSD because they sound like bombs and are basically explosions in the sky... pretty ones, but still... it's kind of ironic or something.

This is a weird LJ question. It's more like the kind of question you would get on a test in cultural studies than a general LJ question, but it's cool. Maybe one of you knows how kites represent India and want to tell me.
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i was looking on craigslist for a job, but i can't really find anything i qualify for.
i should just wait until i get th meeting with mass rehab. they can help me find a job, but it may not be for a few months by th time i get something going with them. it's a lengthy process. Beh.
so i am still just doing a day at a time with my life. things are going pretty slowly. i can't figure out how to deal with my boredom sometimes. My meds are sucking. i have to talk to my doctor about them. I can't really feel on them. or think. But i can't just stop them either. Ahh, fun fun.

i am going to go grocery shopping in a bit. maybe get some new canvas too.
Life is slow but i feel anxious and just want to curl up in a ball and be all wrapped up in a blanket holding onto a teddy bear.

also, smoking too much. i really hate that. i have to meditate to keep my mind off putting things in my mouth, but i got some new chewing sticks to hopefully help.
Oh life. oh. oh. I don't know.