July 31st, 2008

me with graffiti


been doing art lately. it feels good.
i helped my friend chop wood the other day. that was fun.
i am listening to a mix cd i made.
i went to newbury comics and bought the new harold and kumar movie. i have not seen it yet. i heard it wasn't as good as the first, but still worth seeing if you liked the first one (which i do)

i also bought myself a new basketball. i hope that i can report to you that i have used it. i'm going to try to go over to the hoop later today.

i'm going to make myself another sandwich and then do some more art.

i'm still trying to get used to being back home. i had some paperwork issues stresing me out but i got it all worked out. i had to go by the apartment owner office and then to the HUD housing place and sign and deliever papers i was suposed to do months ago when i was sick. i almost lost my apartment. i got a notice that i was going to have to move out in 2 weeks. but the people were very understanding and it all worked out. i should not have to worry about being homeless again until next june. then i have to come up with paperwork again.
i hate being so disorganized, but i am. i mean, i orgazize, but it just all comes undone.

i'm having trouble getting my apartment clean. i dont have the motivation to clean it... but i guess as long as i'm painting, i should use my motivation for that an then clean when i'm done doing art. i dunno.

i'll post some art eventually. the computer is too slow right now i think.
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me with graffiti

Writer's Block: What happened to you today?

What happened to you today?

i sat with nature for awhile, and it was good.

i watched the sun set over spy pond and walked back when it started to rain. Rain is nice, but i heard we might get a storm and i didn't wanna be out walking in the lightning.

it was a good little walk.

i watched Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay and i did enjoy it about as much as the first one.

i don't know if anything really happened TO me today. Today just happened and i went with it. It went all right.