June 22nd, 2008

me with graffiti

Glaucester Teen Pregnancy


Did anyone else hear about this? kind of crazy shit. This is a highly Catholic fishing town in Massachusetts. It is a beautiful town. i have considered moving there, in fact.

17 (mainly sophmore) girls made a pact to get pregnant together. There may have been more to make the pact, but 17 of them are pregnant.

It makes me wonder, cuz i remember when i was their age or actually, when i was more like 13, i wanted to be a teen parent. it was something i figured would happen anyway. luckily for me it didnt, as i can't have kids anyway. i have no cervix. but yeah, with all the weird shit going on in the Catholic church these days it really makes me wonder.

fun fact: in Massachusetts, we prounounce Glaucester as "Glaw-ster" or "Glaw-stah" similarly to our mid-Massachustts city Worcester "Woo-Stah/ Woo-ster". I mostly only don't pronounce my R's when i'm drunk, and i no longer drink, although my Boston accent is thicker than it was for years growing up in Reading when i tried to get rid of it.