June 21st, 2008

art is dead


 Please enjoy this art exhibit and feedback is welcome (and wanted)
here is
the art by me
done over the last 
16 years

1. Multi-Faced 2004-2005?   2. Full Scale Heartache- 2006-2007
3. Listening 2004  4. Home 2007  5. Home? 2004

more art under the cutCollapse )

Money $$

If i had the money i would  get dental work done although i hate the dentist, i'd eat healthier, i'd buy a suit and a tux and some nice turntables and stereo equipment. i'd move. if i had real money i'd buy a cozy home by the ocean and a boat. 
i'd get a smaller car with a bose system installed.
i'd take my family on a vacation somewhere cool and go around the world to meet my friends.