June 19th, 2008

go sox self

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for once in a long time, i feel i have very little to post about.

i was supposed to see my psychiatrist today but cancelled because her ofice is right smack in the middle of where the celtics parade was going on, so i will see her next week.

i've been smoking way too much. (cloves) i wish i had no oral fixation issues, but what can you do?

i'm a little stressed still but glad to be out of the hospital.

i think i will try playing my video games today. i got he teenage mutant ninja turtles, tony hawk proving ground and final fantasy VII. i cant get past some part of the ninja turtles game and it is frustrating, but i havent done final fantasy yet.

i want to do some art too.
oh, and yesterday i got my oil changed and watched the first episode of season 4 of weeds. i fuckin love that show. i wish i had some weed right now, but what can you do? i think my weed smoking friends think i ratted on them when i called the police on myself last week, but, like i said, i called them for myself to get an ambulance to the hospital.

they are better off not being around me while i am going through this ptsd stuff anyway.
so that is it. i'm bored, but ok.

whatever gonzo

Muppets on Daily Show and Colbert Report

elmo played a character named GITMO on the daily show tonight and cookie monster was a guest on the colbert report to talk about his recent switch to eating fruit instead of just cookies. colbert called him a traiter. (not in those words)
it made me happy to see muppets on my favorite news shows. i love the muppets. my inner child gets all excited