March 13th, 2008

word up baby


I wrote this a few years ago. i don't remember exactly when... for my mom.


i search for the answers
to my childhood
in my mother's drawers.

Should i hold it against her
that she stole my baby teeth
from under my pillow?
How, how HOW would the tooth fairy
ever find my teeth
in my mother's drawers?

But i let that slide.
i am mesmerized by the miniature
spoon collection
she gave up when i was young,
jewelry there that she would never wear
jewelry she would
pictures of her friends in their 20's
buttons for dresses from the early 90's
the kind with shoulder pads.
There is a newspaper in another drawer
from the year i was born
about the blizzard of 78.
"I was pregnant with you then"
she would say
and i would fantasize about the snow.
Would it make me feel small?
Would i try to count it all?
i move on

Wrapping paper, scotch tape
unused X-Mas gifts to my dad
Here it it,
the greeting card collection,
those cards she keeps for a dreary day
a hug and the wish for it to all be okay.
When we are alone
afraid of the phone.
Will i be receiving one?
Maybe i should send her one.

I love you, mom (:

- jymi cliche