February 27th, 2008

me with graffiti

A Day In My Life- Jymi Cliche Feb. 2008

i did a day in my life photo post the other day and forgot to post it.

here is the link

and a teaser pic

me with graffiti

Self Portraits: Exploring My Own Skin

this skin i'm in
the tears within
hidden by sin
drowned in gin
you never win

and yet you try to get by
you fly like a bird without eyes
so high that even your lies
have spies between the lines
of coke and wine
america never has time to rewind
and find where they left you.
once you drop off, they forget you
they regret you
they wish they never met you.

yet we'll stick to you like glue
what's true is that you can pull through
like glue - brand new
like two plus two
but you fucked up and said five
oh shit
hold back
when you wish you weren't alive
take pride in your mind and
see what you can find.
or just die
i don't care
i don't really have the time.

-Jymi Cliche

this photo is of me, jymi cliche'- taken by struggle

the rest of the photos are by me... pictures of all of my tattoos are included
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