February 14th, 2008

bob dylan quote

i'm no jack herra

i pass grape all day with my mates
They're all shapes and sizes
my friends have all escaped demises
baptized to deny sunrises
and all around us there are so many spies
but i got wise to their eyes all over me
trying to shape my why's to make cake
from ties that bind them together- forever
but i'll never be your whoever.
You're all gonna know my name
cuz i'll be like a stain on your collar
You can try to explain me,
but it's just gonna make you look smaller
i called you on your game
and the world labeled me insane.
I may not be a scholar
but i don't need a degree to prove that i'm smart
i could shred your college educated heads apart.

In the years you spent learning only
what they chose to teach you
i beseeched you
from underneath you
and up YOU grew
ME? i'm five foot 2
and two miles wide
nowhere to hide but my mind.
but i still strive
so try to stab me with your stuck up knives
and perfect lives
i don't live for lies & i'm not afraid to die.

- by Jymi Cliche'