February 8th, 2008

gizmo eats people


i had company today. Bronze Budda came over with D Money to make some footage for youtube. Bobericc and Struggle were here too. I will post stuff up of Bronze and D Money tomorrow.

just thought i'd check in and say hey to everyone. how are all of you?

oh. moo got a haircut today. it looks like a 6 year old did it. however, it was me. it is not easy to give a cat a haircut. i don't own any clothes without hair all over them and J is allergic to the cat hair and since he is here a lot working on his music, i thought i'd get rid of some of her hair... and i did,,, but she is maaaaad.

she looks funny though. pictures of her tomorrow. i have to go have deep dreams and nightmares.

True Vandalism

check this out. people end up fucked in the system for tagging their names, but the government can do this. until i saw this image i had never really given any thought to how insulting mt rushmore is. i saw mt rushmore in person when i was 10.
i know a web site was making t shirts of this image but i think i heard those t shirts have been banned. i had a hard time re-finding this image, but it was pretty deep to me. so i will share...