February 2nd, 2008

me with graffiti

Hair Cut

My hair was beginning to look really cute as it got long. But then it was getting REALLY long and starting to look like a mullet.
but i got it cut way too short. i dont like it i dont think and i need to do something different with my beard now too cuz it just doesnt seem to go well together. i am taking suggestions on what to do
See it was cute at first but it just went a little wild.
click on the LJ cut to see the new hair


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cray pas

Photographic Update

a dead man walking
a dread man talking
my soul is rocking
the clocks tick tocking
and theres no stopping
but that world i'm not walking
that beat i am stomping
my shit i'm not flaunting, i'm renting
reinventing the extension of a hand to shake peace
not a piece.


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