January 24th, 2008

me with graffiti

Sweet High School Video

In 1996 i was in my last year of high school. I went to an alternative school for kids with "issues". It was technically a special ed school, but for really smart kids who learn differently than most kids and therefore had difficulty in public school. Beacon High School (formerly New Perspectives School) was technically public through Massachusetts chapter 766 law stating that if a child has problems that make it too hard for them to learn in public school, the town is supposed to pay for a school that the kid can learn at. It's complicated though. The only reason i qualified for Beacon was because i had dropped out of Reading Memorial High School and attempted suicide which landed me at McLean Hospital and my social worker there saw that if i were forced to go back to RMHS i would have dropped out and/or re-attempted suicide.

After much fighting with the town and school, they agreed to send me. I took a sped bus (a station wagon driven by local cab companies) to Brookline every day, and the town paid for my school and my transportation.
Beacon High School saved my life. It was a small school in a house in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Brookline, not to be confused with Brooklyn, is basically part of Boston, highly populated by rich Jewish people. There were 44 students in the whole school, 8 students max per class making it easier to learn and get the attention i needed and could not get in a class of 35 kids who all hated me at RMHS.

Anyway, this video is from my last year at Beacon. I was in the hospital again for my depression and anxiety, and my video class (Wigwag) made this video for me.

I don't know if any of you ever watched the TV show Romper Room when you were little, but if you did and you happened to live in New York as well, my teacher Reddi, in the beginning of this video, was the Romper Room teacher in New York, Miss Louise.
This was what she looked like when she hosted Romper Room. You can hear her voice throughout the video as well as see her in the first few seconds, she is the 1st teacher shown

Most people don't know that there were different Romper Room teachers in different areas, but most of the web sites referencing Romper Room have pictures of Miss Louise. Her name was once actually Louise, but she changed it at some point to Reddi, which is what i know her by now and what we called her in high school. (We called our teachers by their first names at Beacon)

So here is the video that Reddi and the rest of the Wigwag class made for me. Keep in mind that my name USED TO BE Keri. Now, enjoy.