December 19th, 2007

me with graffiti

Holiday Season Greed

"A Sudden Spike In Massachusetts Bank Robberies... WBZ News is Gonna tell you "WHY NOW"?
I'll tell you WHY NOW. Cuz it's Christmas, it's winter... it's cold and people are starving on the street cuz they cant get a job at the local chain stores cuz they are employed by all these new people who are moving to this state because Massachusetts is the place to be right now. We have the Red Sox and The Patriots and The Celtics and Bruins. We are the home of many of Hollywood's leading actors. The Departed was about Boston. There are several TV crime dramas based in Boston. Harvard University, MIT, Tufts University, Boston College, BU, Northeastern and Emerson College are turning out some of the richest most successful people in America.
But the more rich people who move to Boston, the more room they take up, and they have the money to pay for entire apartment buildings torn down, holding countless families, to replace it with one big house. They get all the good jobs in the city and the "working class" in Boston is left with nowhere to work...
Then we have the media saying every 2 seconds whether on your tv, in the streets with billboards or truck signs or on your radio or your computer or your books or whatever.... its everywhere and this time of year the emphasis is HUGE on "show people how much you love them by buying them what they really want". There is the pressure for NEW CARS and DIAMONDS and IPHONES and Wii SYSTEMS and SEX and LOVE and FAMILY.
It's crazy. So what is the news saying about the spike in bank robberies?
Oh nothing.... just that they happened. But ONE of the many robbers was described as an Hispanic Male... kind of fucked up. The emphasis is no accident. It's total racism. That is not a description of a person. They should not be allowed to just name a sex and race and say "lookout! they're dangerous!" but they do.
Money Money Money GREED Poverty is not getting what you NEED