December 8th, 2007

me with graffiti

Happy Holidays Song

On the twelfth day of Christmas, djcliche sent to me...
Twelve documentaries drumming
Eleven concerts piping
Ten b-boys a-leaping
Nine perceptionists dancing
Eight zines a-milking
Seven blackalicious a-skateboarding
Six records a-beatboxing
Five be-e-e-eastie boys
Four sped schools
Three psych wards
Two slam poets
...and a cadence in a stand up comedy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

i meant to wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah. Actually, since it's 8 days i guess i didn't miss it entirely. I hope you are enjoying it.
me with graffiti

May I Suggest a Movie?

Here... watch an awesome movie... right here and now.

SLAM Rated R plot summery:

"Slam tells the story of Ray Joshua, an original, gifted young MC trapped in a war-zone housing project known as Dodge City. Unable to find a job, Ray copes with the despair and poverty of his neighborhood by using his wits and verbal talent.

Young Ray Joshua lives in the Washington, DC, district known as Dodge City, which is dominated by gang wars. One day he is arrested when his drug dealer is gunned down while talking to him. He is put to prison where two rival gangs, Thug Life and the Union, want to recruit him as a member."