November 28th, 2007

gangsta bob saget

Writer's Block: Public Transit Nightmare

What has been your worst experience on public transit?

i have, over the years had many men think it was a good idea to show me their penises and then give a sometimes toothless smile and a wink.
This most often occurs on the orange line on the MBTA as well as the commuter rail and one or two branches off the green line. Yes, there are many creepy penis men all over, but they seem to love the T.

edit: That hasn't happened to me in a long time though.

Another experience that comes to mind, although this wasn't as bad for ME, was on New Years Eve one year, some friends and i were coming back to Reading from Boston on the Reading Haverhill line and pretty much everyone was, of course extremely drunk (although i don't think i was even drinking at the time), but there was this family, a couple and their daughter who was like 12 years old, and her friend, and the dad was just obnoxiously drunk, like to the point that he was not only humiliating his daughter in front of her friend while she begged him to stop, but annoying all the people on the train. He had this megaphone with him, which he was screaming stupid shit through. Then he lights up a cigarette (you cant smoke on trains anymore) and the daughter is like "Dad! Stop! We're gonna get in trouble! Put that out!"
The guy gets on the megaphone again slurring every word.. "My daughter wants me to put out my cigarette! Isn't this AMERICA? Shouldn't i be allowed to smoke wherever i want in America? I should be able to smoke grass in America, and LSDeeee."
Then, the daughter knocks the megaphone out of her fathers hands, where it rolls down the train. Some passengers then actually begin to applaud this. The father is embarrassed by this public humiliation and whacks his daughter across the face and calls her a bitch. Next thing you know, 5 guys are on top of the dad, beating the shit out of him.
After the beating, the mother, father, daughter and friend were all sitting in 4 spots nowhere near each other, crying. No surprise that Reading was their stop.