November 7th, 2007

leaves me

Boston Common and Park Street in November

today i went into boston to see my doctor. i took the train into harvard and went to the garage to look around for a bit first. i sat in the pit for a little while, but there was no one there. just as i was leaving, i ran into beat box. i talked to him for a few minutes but had to take off for my appointment. i saw my psychiatrist. we discussed meds and stuff. then i left and walked around the area to take these photos..

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hope you all enjoyed them.

By the way, i watched the news tonight. There is a recall on these beaded toys called Aquadots. They are supposed to be recalled in Australia as well, where they are called Bindeez. If ingested, it is like swallowing a date rape drug... because it is pretty much made out of date rape drugs.. is that crazy or what?
so yeah, if you have kids and they have Aquadots or Bindeez you probly wanna get rid of them.
I saw my first Christmas advertisement of the year on tv and noticed christmas candy in the store yesterday. oh, capitalism.
Also interesting in the news is that a priest from Stoneham, from a church i have been in a few times, has been stalking and threatening Conan O'Brian. He'll probably mention it on his show tonight, but i don't know. i'm watching letterman right now. i usually watch the daily show and colbert report right now, but they are repeats right now.
i bought Gizmo some new mice which she loves and i think a woman was flirting with me on the elevator at alewife, but i didnt realize it until it was too late. damn. she seemed really nice, and i got a good vibe from her. i guess if it is meant to be, it will happen on its own, otherwise, well, who knows.
slick rick and chamillionare are on lettermn tonight. bobericc has this as his phone ringtone.