November 3rd, 2007

me with graffiti

day 2

not a whole lot more got written. my sleep schedule has gotten off again and although i spent about an hour writing today and an hour yesterday, i didnt get much written.

I had dinner with my parents tonight at Restaraunte Olivio (i think its called). It is in Arlington across from the movie theatre. I dont normally get to go to places like that except with my parents. It was nice. My dad is going to Germany for a couple weeks and wanted to see me before he went. I had gnocci. it was vey good. i love gnocci. aka potato gnocci. it is like little balls of potato pasta. It is best with a good red sauce and melted mozzerella on top, which is how it was served and i ate it all. yum. i did not eat the asparugus fritatta appetizer cuz i dont like asparagus or eggs, but i ate the roasted peppers off the top and the bread and wine were good too.

i was thinking about going to see machete perform down the street at the jerkus circus but i was tired after dinner and just came home to chill.

i was going to make a video in the woods, and they looked beautiful, but when i got to the middle, where i was gonna do the video, there were some teenagers in there, so i turned around and left. 1. i dont like most of the teenagers in reading, but more importantly 2. the whole reason i was making the video in the woods was cuz i wanted to go somewhere i would be alone.

i wish i had stayed to take some photos, but i didnt. maybe i'll go back. i forgot how awesome it is in there in the fall. and the paths are easier to see, which is cool.