October 29th, 2007

me with graffiti

Bernie and Phyl's

I think that Phyl of the Massachusetts furniture store Bernie & Phyl's http://www.bernieandphyls.com/ is sick, possibly with Parkinson's. Is that a disease that makes your head all wobbly looking and stuff? I remember thinking that she looked like she had something like that going on in their last tv commercial they were in. That was a month or so ago. I've noticed Bernie and Phyl are no longer in their ads. They've hired other people with painful Boston accents to sing about how nice "quality, comfort and price" are.
As much as their ads have always made me want to cringe, i kind of miss them.

here are 3 local boston ads
1. bernie and phyl's (this is one of the new ones without them. but it has bernie's voice)
2. the christmas tree shop (also known as "a store to bring Jymi Cliche to if you wish to torture him")
3. boston costume at the garment district in cambridge. their ads are awesome. they are pretty awesome in general

happy halloween

Writer's Block: Happy Halloween!

Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?

How fucked up have things gotten that kids can't go trick or treating anymore? I keep hearing of more and more towns that have cancelled Halloween as far as trick or treating goes.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Hallowen tradition, once upon a time in the U.S., on October 31st from around 5pm to 8 or 9pm, kids would dress up in costumes and go door to door in their neighborhood with bags or pillow cases or plastic baskets shaped as pumpkins and they would ring the bell and say "trick or treat" and whoever answered the door would drop candy in the bag or basket and say something like "oh, ren't you a scary goblin?" or "what a pretty ballerina you are" or "what are you supposed to be?" or whatever... but no... not anymore. You cant trust anybody anymore, so now they just throw a costume party on Halloween night at the local YMCA or high school cafeteria or something.

Anyway, even if kids were trick or treating, there are no kids in my apartment building and kids dont go trick or treating in random apartment buildings, so i wouldnt get to pass out candy anyway.

I used to love passing out the candy at my parent's house. About 6 years ago, after my father had a heart attack, a few people had sent my family these giant fruitbaskets. One of them was still unopened on Halloween night, and this little 4 year old dressed as a New Engand Patriot (football player) came to the door. He was a tiny little kid. I opened the door with a 40 pound fruitbasket in my hand and when the kid said "trick or treat" i pretended i was gonna give him the basket instead of candy. The look on his face was priceless. The fruitbasket was as big as him. Ha, so i was like "oh wait, would you rather just hav a candy bar?" and he nodded like i was an idiot. ha ha. i gave him a few pieces for being a good sport.
An older kid, maybe 10 years old came later and i offered him a half empty ginger ale bottle. He looked dissapointed but accepted it. I was like "aww, no, i'm just joking with you. Here's some candy." he kind of laughed. I had a great time. i love messing with kids like that. I will miss that most if Halloween tradition dissapears forever.

So how will i be celebrating? I dunno. I dont have any money for a costume, so i'll probably just wear my cat ears and post a picture of myself in them. Maybe i'll look through my pictures for me in old costumes and post those on here. I'll probably watch a scary movie and try to avoid the day. Halloween is/was a great holiday, but i think i have a Halloween curse or something cuz it always seems to be a shitty day for me no matter how i try to avoid it.

in the past i have experienced on Halloween, 2 suicide attempts, being kicked out of the catholic church, fired from a volenteer job, witnesed a man run his wife over with his truck righ after slamming it into my car (the wife was walking over to my car to exchange info on our accident when he ran her over), i have been attacked, sprained my ankle, found out that my friend died, and so on and so forth on halloween. So i think i will try to sleep through the day. of course, if thats whaty i want to do, i'll probably have insomnia and a major headache that day.

Quite honestly, with Halloween on its way, i try to stay in and as far away from trouble as possible. But it almost always finds me.