October 22nd, 2007

red sox

RED SOX WIN!! Network News Blow A Bunch of Drunk Jocks

But i missed the game because i trusted what my cable said was on at that time on those channels and i didnt want to watch any of those things so i watched a movie. why has technology not caught up to having my cable tell me what's really on? bleh. whatever! So i didnt know the game was on until i heard cheering in my building and on the streets

i think that maybe things were not as calm as the news claimed they were in Boston though. the news keeps showing the same small area, saying everything "looks" okay, "as far as we know" it appears the police have kept things calm. it sounds like they are covering their asses. Not to mention that it has been over an hour since the game ended... the news is supposed to come on after, and yet every TV station is playing footage of players jumping up and down.

At one point, a newswoman on channel 5 is talking about the police protection and how they are keeping things calm in Boston. She is making her report about how "safe" Boston is, when the camera is shifted to showing one of the players jumping up and down, and the male reporter just interupts her and says "lets look at one of the players jumping up and down."  But you can hear the woman reporter, her sound is still on and she is trying to finish her report. The guy just talks louder, talking over her and saying "look, look at him jump" and the woman stops her report, but to yell at him saying "hey! this is imprtant!" but her sound is cut and the screen goes back to Fenway Park where the reporter on the feild just names off famous or important people he sees.

There never was a news report.  It just jumped between showing one area of crowd controll and showing players cheer and smoke cigars.

but i am glad that the sox are going to the world series. yay