September 25th, 2007

hip hop mary

This Gender Bender Can Read Your Mind

practicing some songs again. i kind of like this one. It still needs a bit of work, but i think i finally have something here...

The Hustle changes with gender, and i'm in trouble cuz my gender is bender,
Take out the blender- throw in all the spiders and snails and shit stained puppy dog tails,
Mix in a pail of pink paint- sayin' that i got to be a Saint
when i'm wearing this stupid girl suit- trying to be something i ain't
and nobody could relate.
You know i try not to hate, but it's hard, with everybody calling you a retard.
People say i'm crazy- i have PTSD not rabies, i'm not rabid,
as long as you're tame you don't have to see me mad.
Just kidding. - I'm like a lion in the zoo, as long as you feed me i don't have to kill you.
I'm an autodidact. I might be crazy but my brain's still in tact,
it's piled high in facts, and i can read your mind- how cool is that?