September 10th, 2007


What is REALLY going on with this war?

Here is one point of view. i would say i agree with the majority of the points made in this documentary. I'm putting it here in it's entirety. There are 10 segments.
It is called Hijacking Catastrophe, put on Youtube by Challenging Media. There is also a web site at

under the cut is part of "Killing Us Softly" a documentary about advertising's effect on women, and a couple other videos. I was looking for Killing Us Softly and that's where i found a link to the Hijacking Catastrophe movie.
The next 3 videos are not specifically about the Bush Administration or the war, but i believe the topics and points made in these next clips do play a significant part in our current war... or non war, seeing as "war" has not actually been declared. But thats just part of the bullshit way they tr to trick us. We are at war... call it what you want, its war.

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