August 30th, 2007

me with graffiti

Why War?

Daddy, why can't i say fuck, but it's okay to go to war?
Why can't i see naked bodies unless they're dead on the floor?
Daddy, why can't you call men bitches
but women are bitches and whores?
Daddy, why do we make men soldiers
Animals, set out to kill?
Daddy, why can't i smoke marijuana
if i choose from my own free will?
Daddy, why can't we love one another
Why are we so filled with hate?
Why if i ask a simple question,
does it have to turn into debate?
Why, why why do we ask at all?
Why do we fall?
Why do we act like everything's great,
the closer we get to our ultimate fate?
Why do we lie?
Why do we get high?
Why do we even try to get by
when the world is at war
why don't we cry?
-jymi cliche
and check out this video under the cut. It is a new song, i think its on popular radio. i heard it today in the car and liked it.
It is called Beautiful Girls and is by Sean Kingston. it's kind of like pop reggae or something. i originally thought it was called "suicidal" cuz he says that word a lot in the song

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