August 29th, 2007

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craigslist and food reviews

i've been busy all day putting stuff up on craigslist, hoping to make a few extra bucks. i sold my turntable tonight for $25. yay. money. i got to eat. i have some spinach in the fridge and a few frozen foods that have to be cooked, some pasta and a few cans of soup. oh, and i made some fruit punch and i have flavor ice.
i ran out of money early this month. i probably should not have eaten out as often as i did this month. that's where my money went, but it was too damn hot to cook.

i will review the foods that i ordered out this past month...

* Chicken Salad sub from Gregories in Reading, MA. This is the best chicken salad sub your money can buy. $5 for a foot long delicous sub. i had tomatoes and onion on it. Their other sbs and foods are great too. i grew up on Gregories and if you ever get to try their subs, you will understand why i hate quiznos so much.  i don't like chain subs in general. Living in Boston, i never have to resort to chain subs either.

* Classic Cheseburger and fries at Krazy Karry's in Arlington MA.  Their burgers and fries are very good but i always feel like the people who work there are stuck up acting.

* Monkey Wrench Sandwich and Rasberry Lime Ricky from the Deisil Cafe in Davis Sq. Sommerville, MA. The Monkey Wrench is turkey, brie, avacado and sprouts on a bagette. it is quite good The rasberry lime ricky was perfect as well. I often feel too uncool to go to the deisil cafe. I went with my mother the last timei went, and i told some "cool" person (i forget who) that i took my mom there, and they gave me a dirty look and said "You brought your MOTHER to the DEISIL???" all snobbily.. and i was just like "Yeah...."  It's  friggin cafe. People are such snobby scenesters.. or scenesters are such snobby people...i dunno which, or both.

* Potato, Onion and Bacon Pizza slice at the pizza place in the Garage in Harvard Sq. It was good. Kind of Dry. I like that place. They play music videos on a big screen flat TV and its very relaxed and you can watch people and just enjoy a slice of unique pizza

* Dunkin Donuts turkey/bacon/cheese flatbread sandwich. They dont have this at all dunkin donuts yet. But there is a fancy one on the way to my gender therapist and i was starving and running late. I wish i could say it was disgusting, as it is surely unhealthy, but it was really good. Especially the bread it is on. It is like Tandori Nan Indian bread. mmmmm

* Chicken Fajita Wrap at Fresh City in Woburn, MA. I have to start going to fresh city more often. You can get a filling meal for the same price as a value meal at a fast food resteraunt, but you feel sooooooo much better after eating it cuz its so much healthier and fresh and unfried. I love the chicken fajita wrap. There are several vegetarian options and they also are known for good smoothies, but the only kind of smoothie i like is the nutella smoothie at the Crepery in Coolige Corner, Brookline. So i just got a root ber at Fresh City. Besides sandwiches, they also have soup, salad and a few thai udon noodle dishes that are cheap and delish as well.

Cooking in this month, i had a lot of salads, turkey sandwiches, fruit, ice cream, bagels...

It is almost September. That is the beginning of the year for me. the calendar year may start january 1st, but my year starts on my birthday, september 11th. that is roughly when my school years always started, and my age changes... january is not my new year. i make resolutions and all that stuff in september. i will be 29. whoa. i never thought i'd live to be this old (i realize it isnt actually OLD, but for me and my life and lifestyle it is)

i am going to drink some ice cold water now.
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