July 29th, 2007

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Today, Gizmo and i spent most of the day sprawled out on the living room floor in front of the fan. too dehydrated to do much of anything. around 5 or so, i decided that we were hungry and i would have to face the heat.
i got off the floor and went to the kitchen sink, filled high with dishes i've been rinsing, but not washing. the all sit in the sink, and every couple days, i run the water over them soo that no gross mold grows.
of course , every time i turn on the sink, water goes all over my kichen until i am stading in a puddle asking myself why i don't get a new metal thingy for the faucet.
i opened the fridge and stared into it, dissapointed. wishing the perfect food would just be there, glowing in my eyes.
but no perfect food. beginning to rot zuccini, shredded mozzerela cheese that i wont eat at this point, but i'm just keeping in there because i'm curious when it will finally go blue. i believe its been in there for months. what is taking it so long?
i reached for an opened can of diet coke and took a sip. dissapointed again, because it was flat.
i splashed water on my face and threw on a shirt.
i grabbed my keys and cell phone and walked out the door.

mellow-dramatic entry. that was fun.

so i bought us food, stopped at my parents to make the m & m thing and enjoy the a/c. then i got a phone call from my friend and i ended up taking off soon after i got to my parents. they had left anyway, and i forgot to bring my camera, cuz i wanted to put some stuff on youtube.

i came back home, played video games for a while cuz i hadnt used my ps2 in ages since it was broken. i probably should have eaten something healthy today, but i didnt.

i need to go to bed soon, but i wanted to say i just saw the movie/documentary "When Stand Up Stood Out". I really enjoyed it. i am a big fan of Steven Wright, Dennis Leary, Paula Poundstone and Janine Garofalo who were interviewed in the movie. It also had Lenny Clarke, Colin Quinn, DJ Hazard, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jimmy Tingles, Don Gavin, Kevin Meany and Barry Crimmons.

I really enjoyed it. the summery from imdb.com is:

A documentary covering what came to be known as "The Boston Gold Rush" of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Boston stand-up comedians like Dennis Leary, Steven Wright and Colin Quinn burst upon the national scene, giving audiences a taste of the hard-edged social and political commentary that came out of that city.

it is also cool to me because i know 2 guys who worked as psych hospital councelers after being part of that whole scene, going down hard into addiction, then got clean and got jobs helping others, using their comforting boston blue collar humor.
one of the guys i havent seen in years, but last i saw him, he wanted to do a stand up act about bipolar disorder, and the other guy i see all the time because he is my sort of social worker. actually, i believe he's a psychologyst technically, but he is not my therapist or med doc. but i really like him and he'll be one of the people i will probably always remember.

anyway, that was a tangent, but yeah, it was a good movie. I got it from Showtime On Demand, but i'm sure its downloadable or available somewhere. if you like stand up or any of those commedians, or history or boston, you should check it out. a lot of the comedians remind me of my dad. possibly lenny clarke the most.

oh, and i forget if i mentioned that i watched the Leonard Cohen tribute documentary the other day. I really enjoyed it. If you don't know who Leonard Cohen is, he is a musician. i cant really explain him, but he is great and has been a giant influence on many of probly your favorite musicians... maybe... i guess it depends. anyway. look him up. I suggest "Everybody Knows" as a starter song...but i'm a huge fan of the 1990 movie Pump Up the Volume, in which the pirate radio DJ, Hard Harry, opens his shows with that Leonard Cohen song. Concrete Blonde covered it nicely on the soundtrack but i was always disappointed that the original wasnt on the soundtrack as well. Both versions were in the movie, but the official soundtrack is lacking a lot of the best songs in the movie.. so whatvah.

i'm going to bed. i have a pimple on my elbow? why?
party with jesus

the 5 question meme and my 5 answers.

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random; a favorite song lyric, your favorite kind of sandwich, something random, whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you 5 personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will respond to those 5 questions in YOUR LJ.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

these questions were asked by opheliascreams  

1) What's the craziest situation you've ever been in?

That is a hard question because i have been in some crazy ass situations.  When i was 7, i was playing hide and seek with a friend and my sister. I decided to hide in the laundry chute. BAD IDEA. i was all of like 65 pounds at the time, but i managed to get wedged in there. Several hours later and after a fireman injured his shoulder for life, i was able to safely slide to the bottom.
When i was ten, i was in South Dakota visiting family out there who i'd never met. The family is huge and they threw together all these activities for us to do. One of them was a barnyard dance. Everyone wore cowboy hats and bandanas and boots. I do not always like to dance, so i went for a walk. There were some cows staring at me so i said "moo" ... a bunch of times and one of them started walking towards me and i got scared and ran off. While running, my foot got stuck in a hole... a rattlesnake hole as i later learned, but thank goodness the rattlesnake was not there.
When i was 14, i met some people in a youth group who were taking a bus from Danvers Massachusetts to Denver Colorado to see the pope for World Youth Day in 1993. i somehow managed my parents into letting me go. i guess they though "how bad can it be if its a trip to see the pope?" oh dear... I was raised catholic and had to attend CCD as a child. But CCD was horrible because it was just like school. The same kids from school tormenting me as they always did. It is hard to learn when everyone is staring at you and making faces and threatening to beat you up or grab your tits between classes. It's hard to learn when you are terrified. So, just like in school, i learned very little from CCD. Because of this, i was unaware that bringing my witchcraft books and tarot cards was "not cool" with the catholic leaders. I did not even really know who or what the pope was, except that he was old and rode in a funny car (the popemobile)
Anyway. The night before the pope's mass, there were hundreds of thousands of people all camping in a feild. there was a crowd for like 7 miles of people in this deild to see the pope. I ended up sharing a sleeping bag with someone and when we woke up the next morning, the Pope's mass had started, and i was half naked with a person i knew for 3 days. I was kind of embarrassed and was crazy, and i overdosed and my stomach was pumped in a middle school lavetory. Why not a hospital? People who attended Pope-a-palooza/ Godstock came from all over the country and all over the world, and no one was prepared for the altitude's effect on hydration. People were dropping like flies at the pope's mass and all the hospitals were full, and EMT's were called on from all over colorado to rehydrate people in any buildings they could. It was assumed at first that i dropped because of the hydration as well, but it was found out that i ODed.  When i returned home from the trip, i was supposed to go straight to a rehab, but the rehab wouldnt take me because i wanted help.
And in general, any time spent in psych hospitals i would say were kind of crazy times. and i have spent about 2 and 3/4 years inside hospitals if you add up the time. LOTS of craziness going on there. Ironically, the most fucked up crazy stuff that goes on in the psych wards is usually due to doctors, nurses, councelers or insurance companies. The "crazy people" are usually wonderful, and i really really enjoy their company. (NOTE: not ALL doctors, nureses and councelers are fuct up. in fact, many of them are some of the best people in the world... but whenever anyone in power abuses me or people i care about and keeps you trapped in the abuse by using the power they have over you, then i got no respect for that.
Anyway. Those are just a few examples of crazy situations.

If you want to read a story i wrote (its one of my favorite things i've written) about being stuck in an isolation room at McLean hospital because i had been exposed to the chicken pox, and was forced to stay in a room alone with a toilet, a sink, a bed, some markers and a radio... the link to the story is here. (it could be triggering.  There are a lot of references to self injurious behavior. i was 15.

i would be so happy if anyone took the time to read this (:


What's your favorite song?
ooh, i dunno. I guess right now i'm in love with Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" song. i like to blast it and sing along. But my musical taste is large, varied, and good (i think)
3) Winter or summer?
4) What was your first pet?
I had a dog named Poco until i was about a year and a half old. I was told he ran away, but i think Poco was the dog that accidently hung himself on his leash. i guess i understand why my parents told me he ran away.
5) Boxers or briefs?
i wear both, because briefs are cheaper and sometimes ya just need to buy underwear of some sort... like when i'm too depressed to do the laundry, i might buy some cheap briefs... but i prefer boxers. i love the idea of boxer briefs and i own a bunch but they all give me wedgies, so i dont know why i buy them.. but girls and thongs... that confuses me as well. i mean, i like to look, but damn, i would not want a string up my ass all day.
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Inmates Dance, Bostonians Joke and Company B is Fascinated

i just heard about this on VH1. i thought it had to be fake at first, but i think it is actually real. it boggles my mind.

under the cut are 2 more videos.
*trailer for to the movie i reviewed last night about the Boston stand up scene.
When Stand Up Stod Out
and then because i was talking to instantkarmma about this song the other day.
*Fascinated by Company B. You'll know it if you watch it. It's fun 80's music

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